Sunday, wrapping up

Sunday morning we assembled to discuss the outcome of the speed dating and to make some last recommendations. The speed dating turned out to be effective, a lot of people made arrangements for follow-up meetings. Everyone agreed that it was a great way to meet the Nairobi art scene.

The participants made some final recommendations or summarised the comments from the first day. These were all noted down and will be taken into stride as well. Gitta Luiten thanked the group for their work and input.

After lunch, the participants visited The Go Down, Kuona Trust and RaMoMa together. The group from the Mondriaan Foundation went to evaluate the workshop with Mechtild van den Hombergh, who chaired the expert meeting.

During the weekend, both Dapo Adeniyi and Abdellah Karroum interviewed the participants. These interviews will be made available through their respective websites (see Positions and L’appartement 22).

A summary of the outcomes of the expert meeting will be posted on this blog later on.


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